All our engineers are registered and on the Gas Safe Register. If you are ever in any doubt please ask to see their official identity card where all the details of their registration will be available.

Registration No: 573408 Qualified to work on

Domestic Nat. Gas LPG
Building Regulations

Non-masonry flue

Hot Water System Without Storage

Heating System

Waste Water Heat Recovery Device

Extension to Existing Heating System

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device

Heating Controls Separate to Heating Appliance

Hot Water System with Vented Hot Water Storage

Combustion performance gas analysis

Combustion Performance Analysis NG

Domestic Cookers/hobs

Cookers DOM NG

Gas Fire

Fires/Space Heaters DOM NG

Gas Boiler

Central Heating DOM NG

Gas Meters

Meters DOM NG

Gas installation pipework

Pipework DOM NG (CORE)

Flue Liners

Domestic flued range cookers

Range Cookers DOM NG

Vented hot water storage cylinders

Vented Cylinders

Gas Water heaters

Water Heaters DOM NG